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Case History

These photographs and accompanying text have been very kindly supplied by Rowena Cook from Equine Management and Training. They show what can be achieved when using Silverfeet as part of a hoof care package. Many thanks to Rowena for spontaneously providing this feedback.

“Have attached some photos for Silverfeet. They are a sequence of a foot abscess that goes wrong in terms of the sole being under-run, infection into the bone and the sole degrading. After about a fortnight of proper treatment the foot began to prolapse so pressure bandaging was required for several weeks. Once proper growth could be seen and the sole began to harden properly (when a shoe first went back on on 26th September) we started to use Silverfeet on the outside and underside of the foot to help combat further infection and to promote further healthy growth.


As you can see we now have a nearly perfect foot back. The horse has had to remain stabled even though in-hand, and now ridden work, commenced about 8 weeks ago because the risk of him damaging the foot during turn-out is too great. Even during in-hand walking we had to ensure he walked on a very even surface. Using Silverfeet has undoubtedly helped by keeping the frog and clefts healthy as well as keeping unwelcome bacteria that can lead to thrush at bay. Brilliant stuff.”

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