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Independent Reviews

Farm ‘n’ Equine, April 2013    * HIGHLY RECOMMENDED * by tester Simon Buckley.


Great product, similar in consistency to other leading brands. Used it twice daily during the recent Sunshine Tour in Portugal. Normally, with the sandy soil out there the horses’ feet suffer and become rather ‘smelly’, but I had no problem this time, and I’m convinced it was the silver properties. Went on really well and will definitely be investing in larger size tubs.


BH Eventing, December 2012


Silverfeet is very easy to apply, I used it on a daily basis usually after I had cleaned the horses feet from bringing them in from the field. I would apply a coat of this and within a few minute it was already been absorbed through the hoof wall. It has been over 6 months since I started using Silverfeet and I can still see improvements in the quality of my horses feet. Throughout the season it has kept my horses feet in great condition and very supple, no cracks like usual. I haven't had any trouble with them losing their shoes this year either which is down to Silverfeet. Great product, lasts ages and is very affordable.


British Showjumping Magazine, Issue 6 2012


Leading rider Paul Barker (Silverfeet Endorsing Rider) tells us what makes his life easier on the yard: "I couldn’t live without....Silverfeet Hoof Balm. Silverfeet provides a barrier protection for my horses' feet, keeping them healthy and stopping that unpleasant smell. It is a vital part of life on our yard and show routine. There is nothing on the market like it, this stuff really works!"


Southern Horse Magazine, Sept/Oct 2012


I have been using Silverfeet for a few weeks, and I am very impressed with its performance. During the time I have been using it the ground has been very very wet. It has been great for keeping the hoof clean, as mud didn’t seem to stick to it very well, so made cleaning much easier. This is a great product to use instead of the usual hoof oil as the look was the same. Silverfeet is a lot better for the hoof with its super technology reducing levels of bacteria, so reducing the development of thrush and white line disease. It also smells really nice!


Equine Management and Training, September 2012


This is a fantastic Tried and Tested with text and pictures supplied by Rowena Cook. Click here to read in full.


Equine Magazine, July 2012


Daily use on the wall and sole of two horses’ hooves. Maintains consistency whatever the weather, easy to apply and did seem to help maintenance of moisture levels in the hooves. Seems to tick all the boxes.


Local Rider, July 2012


This product has beneficial properties as well as making your horse look good. It is very therapeutic to use and comes in a great screw lid pot, which is easy to hold and use at the same time.


Cotswold Equestrian, June/July 2012


Very impressed with the quality of Silverfeet Hoof Balm, my horse Sadie had laminitis last year and we are still struggling with the condition of her feet even after all these months. Despite feeding expensive feed supplements to assist with hoof growth etc the condition still remains very poor. I have been using the product for a week now and the quality of Sadies feet are amazing I wish I had taken some before and after shots. Its not like any hoof product I have used before where the shine comes off overnight in the stable and you are left with that dull unattractive look and dirty marks on her white stockings. The hoof balm is easily absorbed into the hoof and maintains the shine, only a very small amount is needed each day. Another plus is that it hasn’t rubbed off onto Sadies lovely white legs! I also love the clean fresh smell, Sadie has suffered with bacterial issues from the sole of her feet due to the stable confinement at times, and they have been very smelly at times we have found no issues with this since using Silverfeet. What an amazing quality product at such an inexpensive price, well done Silverfeet for a top product that will be on my regular shopping list.


RHP Eventing, May 2012


Since discovering Silverfeet I haven’t looked back. Twizzy’s feet look amazing, and they are in amazing condition. I would never have thought that a hoof balm would have such positive effect. My blacksmith has also commented on how good her feet look. If you haven’t tried silverfeet I suggest you do.


Eventing Magazine, February 2012         ***** FIVE STAR RATING FOR SILVERFEET *****


After a few days of using this unique blend of natural ingredients and silver complex my horse’s feet had taken on a brilliant shine and his frogs looked clean and healthy. With this all-natural product it was good to know that there were no harsh chemicals in it. It even smells great too.


Equestrian Trade News, January 2012


I thought it was just the dry autumn that was keeping my horses’ hooves so free from any sign of problems, but just maybe it was Silverfeet...Then I had the chance to try it on a real problem so we picked out the feet, applied a good dollop of Silverfeet and the next morning, the cheesy smell had completely gone, as had any black, gooey matter.


The National Horse and Pony Network, January 2012


We tested the natural and found it is easy to apply, leaving a lovely shine brining out the natural colours in the hoof. During the period we used Silverfeet hoof balm our horse’s hooves improved, looking more moisturised plus one hoof had a minor thrush like infection which soon disappeared.

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